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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Raama Raamah Raamiah Ra-amiah Raamses Ra-amses Raamses; Rameses Rabbah Rabbath-moab Rabbath of the Children of Ammon Rabbi Rabbith Rabble Rabboni Rabmag Rab-mag Rab-Mag Rabsaris Rab-saris Rab-Saris Rabshakeh Rab-shakeh Raca Racal Race Races Rachab Rachal Rachel Rachel's Tomb Raddai Radda-i Radiant Raft Rafter Rag Ragau Rages Rages; Ragau Raguel Rahab Raham Rahel Raid Rail; Railing; Railer Raiment Raiment, Soft Rain Rainbow Rainfall In Jerusalem In Inches Raise Raisin-Cakes Raisins Rakem Rakkath Rakkon Ram Rama Ramah Ramath Ramathaim; Ramathem Ramathaim-zophim Ramathaim-Zophim Ramathite Ramathite, The Ramath-lehi Ramath-Lehi Ramath-mizpeh Ramath-Mizpeh Ramath of the south Ramath Of The South Ram, Battering Rameses Ramiah Ramoth Ramoth-gilead Ramoth-Gilead Rampart Ram's Horn Rams horns Rams' Skins Range Ranges Ranging Rank Ranks Ransom Rape Rapha Raphael Raphah Raphaim Rapha, Raphah Raphon Raphu Rasses Rathumus Raven Ravening Raven; Ravin Ravish Raze Razis Razor Reading Ready Reaia Reaiah Reaping Rearward Reason Reason; Reasonable; Reasoning Reba Rebecca Rebekah Rebirth Rebuke Recah Receipt Of Custom Receiver Rechab Rechabites Rechab; Rechabites Rechah Reclining Recompense Reconcilation Reconcile; Reconciliation Reconciliation Record Recorder Recover Red Red Dragon Redeemer Redeemer; Redemption Redeem, Redemption Redemption Red Heifer Red Horse Redness Of Eyes Redound Red Sea Red Sea, Passage of Reed Reed-Grass Reed, Measuring Reelaiah Re-elaiah Reelias Reesaias Refiner Refiner; Refining Reform Reformation Refreshing, Times of Refresh; Refreshing Refuge Refuge, Cities of Refuge, Cities Of Refuges Cities of Refuse Refute Regem Regemmelech Regem-melech Regem-Melech Regeneration Regeneration, Baptismal Region Register Rehabiah Rehearse Rehob Rehoboam Rehoboth Rehoboth By The River Rehoboth-Ir Rehpaim Rehum Rei Reign Reign of the Judges Reins Rejoice Rekem Relationships, Family Release Religion Religion, Comparative Religion, Science Of Remainder Remaliah Remember, Remembrance Remember; Remembrance Remeth Remission Remission Of Sins Remit Remmon Remmon-methoar Remmon-Methoar Remmon-metho-ar Remnant Remphan Rend Rending Of Garments Renew Renounce Renown Rent Repair Repent Repentance Re-Peopling the Earth Repetitions Rephael Rephah Rephaiah Rephaim Repha-im Repha-im, The valley of Rephaim, Vale Of Rephaim, Valley of Rephan Rephidim Reproach Reprobate Reproof Reproof; Reprove Reptile Reputation Request Require Requirement Requite Rereward Resaias Resen Reservoir Resh Resheph Residue Respect Of Persons Responsibility Rest Restitution; Restoration Restoration Restore, Renew Resurrection Resurrection, Gospel Of The Resurrection of Christ Resurrection Of Jesus Christ, The Resurrection of the dead Retain Retaliation Retention Of Sins Retribution Return of Christ Reu Reuben Reubenites Reuben, Tribe of Reuel Reumah Revelation Revelation, 1-2 Revelation, 3-4 Revelation, Book of Revelation, Idea of Revelation of Christ Revelation Of John Revelation of St. John Revelation, Theology of Revelling Revellings Revenge; Revenger Revenue Reverence Revile Revive; Reviving Revolt Reward Rezeph Rezia Rezin Rezon Rhegium Rhesa Rhinoceros Rhoda Rhodes Rhodocus Rib Ribai Riba-i Ribband Riblah Rib-lah Riches Riddle Rid; Riddance Rie Rifle Right Righteousness Right Hand Rimmon Rimmonah; Rimmono Rimmon-parez Rimmon-Perez Rimmon, Rock Of Ring Ringleader Ringstreaked Rinnah Riot Riphath Rising Rissah Rithmah Riusah River River of Egypt River Of Egypt River of Gad River of God Rivers of Babylon Rivers of Damascus Rivers Of Eden Rivers of Judah River, The (Great) Rizia Rizpah Road Road (Inroad) Road (Way) Roast Robber; Robbery Robbers Of Temples Robbery Robe Roboam Rock Rock-Badger Rock Of Ages Rod Rodanim Roe Roe, Roebuck Roe; Roebuck Rogelim Rohgah Roimus Roll Roller Rolling Thing Roll (Scroll) Romamti-ezer Romamti-Ezer Roman Roman Army Roman empire Roman Empire And Christianity, 1 Roman Empire And Christianity, 2 Roman Empire And Christianity, 3 Roman Law Roman Religion Roman; Romans Romans, Epistle To The Romans, Theology of Rome Roof Roof-Chamber Room Root Root Of David Root Of Jesse Rope Rose Rosh Rosin Rote Rot; Rottenness Rower; Rowing Royal Royal City Rubies Ruby Rudder bands Rudder; Rudder-Bands Ruddy Rude Rudiments Rue Rufus Rug Ruhamah Ruin Ruler Ruler Of The Feast Ruler Of The Synagogue Rulers Of The City Rumah Rump Runagate Runner Rush Rust Ruth Ruth, Book of Ruth The Book of Ruth, The Book Of Ruth, Theology of Rye The Raven The Roe or Gazelle Romans, Epistle to the