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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Wars of the Lord, The Book of the The Whale Willows, The brook of the The Wolf The Worship Wafer Wafers Wages Wagon Wagon, Waggon Wailing-place, Jews Wail, Wailing Wait Walk Wall Wallet Wallow Walls Wandering Wandering in the Wilderness Wanderings Of Israel Wandering Stars Wanton Wantonness War Ward Wares Warfare War, Holy War War, Man Of Warp Wars Of Yahweh (The Lord) Book Of The War; Warfare Wash Washing Washing Of Feet Washing the hands and feet Washpot Wash; Washing Wasp Watch Watcher Watches Watches of night Watchfulness Watchings Watchman Watch-Tour Water Watercourse Waterfall Water Of Bitterness (Or Of Jealousy) Water of jealousy Water of purification Water of separation Water Of Separation (Or Of Uncleanness) Waterpot Waters Waters Of Merom Waters Of Strife Waterspout Waterspouts Wave Offering Wave offering Wave offerings Waw Wax Way Way, Covered Wayfaring man Wayfaring Man Way, Little Waymark Weakness Wealth Wealth, Wealthy Wean Weapons Weasel Weather Weaving Weaving, weavers Web Wedding Wedge, Of Gold Weeds Week Weeks, Feast of Weeks, Feast Of Weeks, Seventy Weeping Weight Weights Weights and Measures Weights And Measures Well Well, Jacob's Wellspring Wen Wench Wert West Westward Whale Wheat Wheel Whelp Whence Wherefore Whereinsoever Wherewith Wherewithal Whet Whirlwind Whit White White Horse Whitewash Whither Whithersoever Whole; Wholesome Whoremonger Whore; Whoredom Wickedness Widow Widows Wife Wife, Brother's Wild Beast Wilderness Wilderness of the Wandering Wild Ox Wiles Will Will of God Willows Willows, The Brook Of The Willow Tree Wills Will, Volition Will-Worship Wimple Wind Window Windows Of Heaven Winds Wine Winebibber Winefat Winefat; Wine Press; Winevat Wine-press Wine-Skins Winevat Wine; Wine Press Wings Wink Winnow Winnowing Winter Winter-House Wisdom Wisdom Literature Wisdom Of God Wisdom Of Jesus Wisdom of Jesus, Son of Sirach Wisdom Of Solomon, The Wisdom, The, of Solomon Wise, Man Wise men Wise Men Wise, wisdom Wish Wist Wist, Witty, Wot Wit Witch Witchcraft Witch; Witchcraft Witch, Witchcrafts Withal Withered Withes, Withs, Green Without Withs Witness Witness of the Spirit Witness Of The Spirit Witty Wizard Woe Wolf Woman Women Wonder Wonder; Wonderful Wont Wood Wood Of Ephraim Wood-offering Woof Wool Word Word of God Word, The Work Worker; Workfellow; Workman Works, Covenant of Works, Good Works of the Law Work; Works World World, Cosmological World, End Of The World (General) Worm Worm; Scarlet-Worm Wormwood Wormwood, The Star Worship Worship, Image Worshipper Worthies Wot Wrath, (Anger) Wrath of God Wrest Wrestle Wrestling Wrinkle Writing Writing, 1 Writing, 2 Wroth Wrought