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(new ), a place in Judea, about four miles from Beth-horon. 1Ma 7:40,45 [HADASHAH]

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Smith, William, Dr. "Entry for 'Adasa'". "Smith's Bible Dictionary". . 1901.


ad'-a-sa (Adasa; the King James Version Adarsa):

A town less than four miles from Beth-horon (30 furlongs Ant, XII, x, 5; 1 Macc 7:40) and a day's journey from Gazara (1 Macc 7:45), where Judas Maccabee defeated and killed Nicanor, a general of Demetrius (1 Macc 7:40). The ruin of Adaseh near Gibeon (SWP, III, XVII).

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Orr, James, M.A., D.D. General Editor. "Entry for 'ADASA'". "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia". 1915.