1 Chronicles 15:17-27 ESV

17 So the Levites appointed 1Heman the son of Joel; and of his brothers 2Asaph the son of Berechiah; and of the sons of Merari, their brothers, 3Ethan the son of Kushaiah;

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18 and with them their brothers of the second order, Zechariah, Jaaziel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Unni, Eliab, Benaiah, Maaseiah, Mattithiah, Eliphelehu, and Mikneiah, and the gatekeepers Obed-edom and Jeiel.
19 The singers, Heman, Asaph, and Ethan, were to sound bronze cymbals;
20 Zechariah, 4Aziel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Unni, Eliab, Maaseiah, and Benaiah were to play harps according to 5Alamoth;

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      21 but Mattithiah, Eliphelehu, Mikneiah, 6Obed-edom, Jeiel, and Azaziah were to lead with lyres according to 7the Sheminith.

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      22 Chenaniah, leader of the Levites in music, should direct the music, for he understood it.
      23 Berechiah and Elkanah were to be gatekeepers for the ark.
      24 Shebaniah, Joshaphat, Nethanel, Amasai, Zechariah, Benaiah, and Eliezer, the priests, should 8blow the trumpets before the ark of God. 9Obed-edom and Jehiah were to be gatekeepers for the ark.

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          25 10So David and the elders of Israel and the commanders of thousands went to bring up the ark of the covenant of the LORD from the house of 11Obed-edom with rejoicing.

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              26 And because God helped the Levites who were carrying the ark of the covenant of the LORD, they sacrificed 12seven bulls and seven rams.

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              27 David was clothed with a robe of fine linen, as also were all the Levites who were carrying the ark, and the singers and Chenaniah the leader of the music of the singers. And David wore a linen ephod.