Ezekiel 26:14-17 NIV

14 I will make you a bare rock, and you will become a place to spread fishnets. You will never be rebuilt,1 for I the LORD have spoken, declares the Sovereign LORD.

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15 "This is what the Sovereign LORD says to Tyre: Will not the coastlands2 tremble3 at the sound of your fall, when the wounded groan4 and the slaughter takes place in you?

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16 Then all the princes of the coast will step down from their thrones and lay aside their robes and take off their embroidered5 garments. Clothed6 with terror, they will sit on the ground,7 trembling8 every moment, appalled9 at you.

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17 Then they will take up a lament10 concerning you and say to you: " 'How you are destroyed, O city of renown, peopled by men of the sea! You were a power on the seas, you and your citizens; you put your terror on all who lived there.11

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