2 Kings 15:8-12 GNT

8 In the thirty-eighth year of the reign of King Uzziah of Judah, Zechariah son of Jeroboam II became king of Israel, and he ruled in Samaria for six months.
9 He, like his predecessors, sinned against the Lord. He followed the wicked example of King Jeroboam son of Nebat, who led Israel into sin.
10 Shallum son of Jabesh conspired against King Zechariah, assassinated him at Ibleam, a and succeeded him as king.

References for 2 Kings 15:10

    •  15:10 - [One ancient translation] at Ibleam; [Hebrew] before people.
      11 Everything else that Zechariah did is recorded in [The History of the Kings of Israel.]
      12 So the promise was fulfilled which the Lord had made to King Jehu: "Your descendants down to the fourth generation b will be kings of Israel." 1

      References for 2 Kings 15:12

        • 27 15:12 - 15.12 2 K 10.30.
        • € 15:12 - fourth generation: [Zechariah was Jehu's great-great-grandson.]