2 Samuel 24:24 GNT

24 But the king answered, "No, I will pay you for it. I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices that have cost me nothing." And he bought the threshing place and the oxen for fifty pieces of silver.

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  • a 24:5 - [Probable text] Aroer . . . Gad; [Hebrew unclear.]
  • b 24:6 - [One ancient translation] Kadesh, in Hittite territory; [Hebrew] to the land of Tahtim, Hodshi.
  • c 24:6 - [Probable text] and from Dan they went; [Hebrew unclear.]
  • d 24:13 - [Some ancient translations (and see 1 Ch 21.12)] Three; [Hebrew] Seven.
  • e 24:23 - [Probable text] to the king; [Hebrew] to the king the king.