2 Samuel 13:16-26 GNT

16 "No," she answered. "To send me away like this is a greater crime a than what you just did!" But Amnon would not listen to her;

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    • } 13:16 - [Probable text] To send me . . . crime; [Hebrew unclear.]
      17 he called in his personal servant and said, "Get this woman out of my sight! Throw her out and lock the door!"
      18 The servant put her out and locked the door. Tamar was wearing a long robe with full sleeves, b the usual clothing for an unmarried princess in those days. c

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        • ~ 13:18 - long robe with full sleeves; [or] decorated robe [(see Gn 37.3).]
        •  13:18 - [Probable text] in those days; [Hebrew] garments.
          19 She sprinkled ashes on her head, tore her robe, and with her face buried in her hands went away crying.
          20 When her brother Absalom saw her, he asked, "Has Amnon molested you? Please, sister, don't let it upset you so much. He is your half brother, so don't tell anyone about it." So Tamar lived in Absalom's house, sad and lonely.
          21 When King David heard what had happened, he was furious.
          22 And Absalom hated Amnon so much for having raped his sister Tamar that he would no longer even speak to him.
          23 Two years later Absalom was having his sheep sheared at Baal Hazor, near the town of Ephraim, and he invited all the king's sons to be there.
          24 He went to King David and said, "Your Majesty, I am having my sheep sheared. Will you and your officials come and take part in the festivities?"
          25 "No, my son," the king answered. "It would be too much trouble for you if we all went." Absalom insisted, but the king would not give in, and he asked Absalom to leave.
          26 But Absalom said, "Well, then, will you at least let my brother Amnon come?" "Why should he?" the king asked.