23 Then the commander called two of his officers and said, "Get two hundred soldiers ready to go to Caesarea, together with seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen, and be ready to leave by nine o'clock tonight.
24 Provide some horses for Paul to ride and get him safely through to Governor Felix."
25 Then the commander wrote a letter that went like this:
26 "Claudius Lysias to His Excellency, Governor Felix: Greetings.
27 The Jews seized this man and were about to kill him. I learned that he is a Roman citizen, so I went with my soldiers and rescued him.
28 I wanted to know what they were accusing him of, so I took him down to their Council.
29 I found out that he had not done a thing for which he deserved to die or be put in prison; the accusation against him had to do with questions about their own law.
30 And when I was informed that there was a plot against him, at once I decided to send him to you. I have told his accusers to make their charges against him before you."
31 The soldiers carried out their orders. They got Paul and took him that night as far as Antipatris.
32 The next day the foot soldiers returned to the fort and left the horsemen to go on with him.
33 They took him to Caesarea, delivered the letter to the governor, and turned Paul over to him.