29 At midnight the Lord killed all the first-born sons in Egypt, from the king's son, who was heir to the throne, to the son of the prisoner in the dungeon; all the first-born of the animals were also killed. 1
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30 That night, the king, his officials, and all the other Egyptians were awakened. There was loud crying throughout Egypt, because there was not one home in which there was not a dead son.
31 That same night the king sent for Moses and Aaron and said, "Get out, you and your Israelites! Leave my country; go and worship the Lord, as you asked.
32 Take your sheep, goats, and cattle, and leave. Also pray for a blessing on me."
33 The Egyptians urged the people to hurry and leave the country; they said, "We will all be dead if you don't leave."
34 So the people filled their baking pans with unleavened dough, wrapped them in clothing, and carried them on their shoulders.
35 The Israelites had done as Moses had said, and had asked the Egyptians for gold and silver jewelry and for clothes. 2
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36 The Lord made the Egyptians respect the people and give them what they asked for. In this way the Israelites carried away the wealth of the Egyptians.
37 The Israelites set out on foot from Rameses for Sukkoth. There were about 600,000 men, not counting women and children.
38 A large number of other people and many sheep, goats, and cattle also went with them.
39 They baked unleavened bread from the dough that they had brought out of Egypt, for they had been driven out of Egypt so suddenly that they did not have time to get their food ready or to prepare leavened dough.
40 The Israelites had lived in Egypt for 430 years. 3
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41 On the day the 430 years ended, all the tribes of the Lord's people left Egypt.
42 It was a night when the Lord kept watch to bring them out of Egypt; this same night is dedicated to the Lord for all time to come as a night when the Israelites must keep watch.
43 The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, "These are the Passover regulations: No foreigner shall eat the Passover meal,
44 but any slave that you have bought may eat it if you circumcise him first.
45 No temporary resident or hired worker may eat it.
46 The whole meal must be eaten in the house in which it was prepared; it must not be taken outside. And do not break any of the animal's bones. 4
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47 The whole community of Israel must celebrate this festival,
48 but no uncircumcised man may eat it. If a foreigner has settled among you and wants to celebrate Passover to honor the Lord, you must first circumcise all the males of his household. He is then to be treated like a native-born Israelite and may join in the festival.
49 The same regulations apply to native-born Israelites and to foreigners who settle among you."
50 All the Israelites obeyed and did what the Lord had commanded Moses and Aaron.
51 On that day the Lord brought the Israelite tribes out of Egypt.