Isaiah 10:15-25 GNT

15 But the Lord says, "Can an ax claim to be greater than the one who uses it? Is a saw more important than the one who saws with it? A club doesn't lift up a person; a person lifts up a club."
16 The Lord Almighty is going to send disease to punish those who are now well-fed. In their bodies there will be a fire that burns and burns.
17 God, the light of Israel, will become a fire. Israel's holy God will become a flame, which in a single day will burn up everything, even the thorns and thistles.
18 The rich forests and farmlands will be totally destroyed, in the same way that a fatal sickness destroys someone.
19 There will be so few trees left that even a child will be able to count them.
20 A time is coming when the people of Israel who have survived will not rely any more on the nation that almost destroyed them. They will truly put their trust in the Lord, Israel's holy God.
21 A few of the people of Israel will come back to their mighty God.
22 Even though now there are as many people of Israel as there are grains of sand by the sea, only a few will come back. Destruction is in store for the people, and it is fully deserved. 1

References for Isaiah 10:22

    • 23 10:22 - 10.22, 23 Ro 9.27.
      23 Yes, throughout the whole country the Sovereign Lord Almighty will bring destruction, as he said he would.
      24 The Sovereign Lord Almighty says to his people who live in Zion, "Do not be afraid of the Assyrians, even though they oppress you as the Egyptians used to do.
      25 In only a little while I will finish punishing you, and then I will destroy them.