Jeremiah 48:42-47 GNT

42 Moab will be destroyed and will no longer be a nation, because it rebelled against me.
43 Terror, pits, and traps are waiting for the people of Moab. The Lord has spoken.
44 Whoever tries to escape the terror will fall into the pits, and whoever climbs out of the pits will be caught in the traps, because the Lord has set the time for Moab's destruction.
45 Helpless refugees try to find protection in Heshbon, the city that King Sihon once ruled, but it is in flames. a Fire has burned up the frontiers and the mountain heights of the war-loving people of Moab.

References for Jeremiah 48:45

    • œ 48:45 - Heshbon, the city . . . flames; [or] the city of Heshbon, but it is in flames and the palace of King Sihon is burning.
      46 Pity the people of Moab! The people who worshiped Chemosh have been destroyed, and their sons and daughters have been taken away as prisoners.
      47 But in days to come the Lord will make Moab prosperous again. All of this is what the Lord has said will happen to Moab.