21 Jesus and his disciples came to the town of Capernaum, and on the next Sabbath Jesus went to the synagogue and began to teach.
22 The people who heard him were amazed at the way he taught, for he wasn't like the teachers of the Law; instead, he taught with authority. 1
23 Just then a man with an evil spirit came into the synagogue and screamed,
24 "What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Are you here to destroy us? I know who you are - you are God's holy messenger!"
25 Jesus ordered the spirit, "Be quiet, and come out of the man!"
26 The evil spirit shook the man hard, gave a loud scream, and came out of him.
27 The people were all so amazed that they started saying to one another, "What is this? Is it some kind of new teaching? This man has authority to give orders to the evil spirits, and they obey him!"
28 And so the news about Jesus spread quickly everywhere in the province of Galilee.
29 Jesus and his disciples, including James and John, left the synagogue and went straight to the home of Simon and Andrew.
30 Simon's mother-in-law was sick in bed with a fever, and as soon as Jesus arrived, he was told about her.
31 He went to her, took her by the hand, and helped her up. The fever left her, and she began to wait on them.
32 After the sun had set and evening had come, people brought to Jesus all the sick and those who had demons.
33 All the people of the town gathered in front of the house.
34 Jesus healed many who were sick with all kinds of diseases and drove out many demons. He would not let the demons say anything, because they knew who he was.