Numbers 30:10-16 GNT

10 If a married woman makes a vow or promises to abstain from something,
11 she must do everything that she vowed or promised unless her husband raises an objection when he hears about it.
12 But if her husband forbids her to fulfill the vow when he hears about it, she is not required to keep it. The Lord will forgive her, because her husband prevented her from keeping her vow.
13 Her husband has the right to affirm or to annul any vow or promise that she has made.
14 But if, by the day after he hears of the vow, he has raised no objection, she must do everything that she has vowed or promised. He has affirmed the vow by not objecting on the day he heard of it.
15 But if he later annuls the vow, he must suffer the consequences for the failure to fulfill the vow.
16 These are the rules that the Lord gave Moses concerning vows made by an unmarried woman living in her father's house or by a married woman.