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Zephaniah 3:2 GNT

2 It has not listened to the Lord or accepted his discipline. It has not put its trust in the Lord or asked for his help.

Study tools for Zephaniah 3:2

  • 1 3:13 - 3.13 Rev 14.5.
  • a 3:7 - [Some ancient translations] they would never forget; [Hebrew] their dwelling would not be cut off.
  • b 3:10 - [Hebrew] Cush: [Cush is the ancient name of the extensive territory south of the First Cataract of the Nile River. This region was called Ethiopia in Graeco-Roman times, and included within its borders most of modern Sudan and some of present-day Ethiopia (Abyssinia).]
  • c 3:11 - sacred hill: [Mount Zion (see Zion in Word List).]
  • d 3:17 - [Some ancient translations] give you new life; [Hebrew] be silent.
  • e 3:18 - [Verse 18 in Hebrew is unclear.]