Acts 19:17-27 GNTA

17 All the Jews and Gentiles who lived in Ephesus heard about this; they were all filled with fear, and the name of the Lord Jesus was given greater honor.
18 Many of the believers came, publicly admitting and revealing what they had done.
19 Many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in public. They added up the price of the books, and the total came to fifty thousand silver coins. a

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    • | 19:19 - silver coins: [A silver coin was the daily wage of a rural worker (see Mt 20.2).]
      20 In this powerful way the word of the Lord b kept spreading and growing stronger.

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        • } 19:20 - In this . . . Lord; [or] And so, by the power of the Lord, the message.
          21 After these things had happened, Paul made up his mind c to travel through Macedonia and Achaia and go on to Jerusalem. "After I go there," he said, "I must also see Rome."

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            • ~ 19:21 - Paul made up his mind; [or] Paul, led by the Spirit, decided.
              22 So he sent Timothy and Erastus, two of his helpers, to Macedonia, while he spent more time in the province of Asia.
              23 It was at this time that there was serious trouble in Ephesus because of the Way of the Lord.
              24 A certain silversmith named Demetrius made silver models of the temple of the goddess Artemis, and his business brought a great deal of profit to the workers.
              25 So he called them all together with others whose work was like theirs and said to them, "Men, you know that our prosperity comes from this work.
              26 Now, you can see and hear for yourselves what this fellow Paul is doing. He says that hand-made gods are not gods at all, and he has succeeded in convincing many people, both here in Ephesus and in nearly the whole province of Asia.
              27 There is the danger, then, that this business of ours will get a bad name. Not only that, but there is also the danger that the temple of the great goddess Artemis will come to mean nothing and that her greatness will be destroyed - the goddess worshiped by everyone in Asia and in all the world!"