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Isaiah 51:18-23 (GOD'S WORD Translation)

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18 From all the children she gave birth to, there was no one to guide her. From all the children she raised, there was no one to take her by the hand. 19 Twice as many disasters have happened to you. Who will feel sorry for you? Violence, destruction, famine, and war have happened to you. Who will comfort you? 20 Your children have fainted. They lie sleeping at every street corner. They are like an antelope caught in a net. They experience the anger of the LORD, the fury of your God. 21 Listen to this, you humble people who are drunk but not from wine. 22 The LORD your God defends his people. This is what your master says: I'm taking from your hand the cup that makes people stagger, the bowl, the cup of my fury. You will never drink from it again. 23 I will put it in the hands of those who made you suffer. They said to you, "Lie down so that we can walk over you." So you made your back like the ground and like a street for them to cross.
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