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Isaiah 63:1-6 (GOD'S WORD Translation)

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1 Who is this coming from Bozrah in Edom with his clothes stained bright red? Who is this dressed in splendor, going forward with great strength? "It is I, the LORD. I am coming to announce my victory. I am powerful enough to save [you]." 2 Why are your clothes red and your garments like those who trample grapes in a winepress? 3 "I have trampled alone in the winepress. No one was with me. In my anger I trampled on people. In my wrath I stomped on them. Their blood splattered my clothes so all my clothing has been stained. 4 I planned the day of vengeance. The year for my reclaiming [you] has come. 5 I looked, but there was no help. I was astounded that there was no [outside] support. So with my own power I won a victory. My anger supported me. 6 In my anger I trampled on people. In my wrath I made them drunk and poured their blood on the ground."
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