Numbers 5:1-11 GW

1 The LORD said to Moses,
2 "Command the Israelites to send outside the camp anyone who has a serious skin disease or a discharge or anyone who is unclean from touching a dead body.
3 Send all of these unclean men and women outside the camp. They must not make this camp where I live among you unclean."
4 So the Israelites did as the LORD had told Moses. They sent these unclean people outside the camp.
5 The LORD said to Moses,
6 "Tell the Israelites: If you do something wrong to another person, you have been unfaithful to the LORD. When you realize your guilt,
7 you must confess your sin, pay in full for what you did wrong, add one-fifth to it, and give it to the person who was wronged.
8 But there may be no heir to whom the payment can be made. In that case, the payment for what you did wrong must be given to the LORD for the priest [to use]. This payment is in addition to the ram which makes peace with the LORD.
9 "Any contribution over and above the holy offerings that the Israelites bring to the priest will belong to the priest.
10 Each person's holy offerings will belong to that person, but whatever is given to the priest will belong to the priest."
11 The LORD said to Moses: