Hosea 12:7-14 NIV

7 The merchant uses dishonest scales;1 he loves to defraud.

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8 Ephraim boasts,2 "I am very rich; I have become wealthy.3 With all my wealth they will not find in me any iniquity or sin."

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9 "I am the LORD your God, [who brought you] out ofa Egypt;4 I will make you live in tents5 again, as in the days of your appointed feasts.

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    • b 12:9 - Or "God / ever since you were in"
      10 I spoke to the prophets, gave them many visions and told parables6 through them."7

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      11 Is Gilead wicked?8 Its people are worthless! Do they sacrifice bulls in Gilgal?9 Their altars will be like piles of stones on a plowed field.10

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      12 Jacob fled to the country of Aramb;11 Israel served to get a wife, and to pay for her he tended sheep.12

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        • c 12:12 - That is, Northwest Mesopotamia
          13 The LORD used a prophet to bring Israel up from Egypt,13 by a prophet he cared for him.14

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          14 But Ephraim has bitterly provoked him to anger; his Lord will leave upon him the guilt of his bloodshed15 and will repay him for his contempt.16

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