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2 Chronicles 12:5 - Interlinear Bible

5 Then Shemaiah the prophet came to Rehoboam and the princes of Judah who had gathered at Jerusalem because * of Shishak, and he said to them, "Thus says the LORD, ' You have forsaken Me, so I also have forsaken you to Shishak.' "
~'[.b;x.r -l,a a'B ayib'N;h h'y.[;m.v.W ? ~i;l'v.Wr.y -l,a .Wp.s,a,n -r,v]a h'd.Wh.y yer'f.w ? h'wh.y r;m'a -h{K ~,h'l r,ma{Y;w q'vyiv yen.Pim ? q'vyiv -d;y.B ~,k.t,a yiT.b;z'[ yin]a -p;a.w yit{a ~,T.b;z][ ~,T;a