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Ezekiel 1:1-6 - Interlinear Bible


The Vision of Four Figures

1 Now it came about in the thirtieth year, on the fifth day of the fourth month, while I was by the river Chebar among the exiles, the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God.
v,d{x;l h'Vim]x;B yi[yib.r'B h'n'v ~yiv{l.viB yih.y;w ? r'b.K -r;h.n -l;[ h'lw{G;h{t.b yin]a;w ? ~yih{l/a tw{a.r;m h,a.r,a'w ~Iy;m'V;h
2 (On the fifth of the month in the fifth year of King Jehoiachin's exile,
3 the word of the LORD came expressly to Ezekiel the priest, son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar; and there the hand of the LORD came upon him.)
yiz.WB -n,B laeq.z,x.y -l,a h'wh.y -r;b.d h'y'h h{y'h ? yih.T;w r'b.K -r;h.n -l;[ ~yiD.f;K #,r,a.B !eh{K;h ? h'wh.y -d;y ~'v wy'l'[
4 As I looked, behold, a storm wind was coming from the north, a great cloud with fire flashing forth continually and a bright light around it, and in its midst something like glowing metal in the midst of the fire.
!w{p'C;h -nim h'a'B h'r'[.s ;x.Wr heNih.w a,rea'w ? byib's w{l H;g{n.w t;x;Q;l.tim vea.w lw{d'G !'n'[ ? vea'h .$w{Tim l;m.v;x;h !ye[.K H'kw{Tim.W
5 Within it there were figures resembling four living beings. And this was their appearance: they had human form.
!,hyea.r;m h,z.w tw{Y;x [;B.r;a t.Wm.D H'kw{Tim.W ? h'Neh'l ~'d'a t.Wm.D
6 Each of them had four faces and four wings.
t;x;a.l ~Iy;p'n.K [;B.r;a.w t'x,a.l ~yin'p h'['B.r;a.w ? ~,h'l