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Ezekiel 43:13-17 - Interlinear Bible


The Altar of Sacrifice

13 "And these are the measurements of the altar by cubits (the cubit being a cubit and a handbreadth ): the base shall be a cubit and the width a cubit, and its border on its edge round about one span; and this shall be the height of the base of the altar.
x;p{j'w h'M;a h'M;a tw{M;a'B ;xeB.ziM;h tw{Dim h,Lea.w ? H't'p.f -l,a H'l.Wb.g.W b;x{r -h'M;a.w h'M;a'h qyex.w ? ;xeB.ziM;h b;G h,z.w d'x,a'h t,r,z byib's
14 "From the base on the ground to the lower ledge shall be two cubits and the width one cubit; and from the smaller ledge to the larger ledge shall be four cubits and the width one cubit.
~Iy;T.v h'nw{T.x;T;h h'r'z]['h -d;[ #,r'a'h qyexem.W ? h'N;j.Q;h h'r'z][\hem.W t'x,a h'M;a b;x{r.w tw{M;a ? b;x{r.w tw{M;a [;B.r;a h'lw{d.G;h h'r'z]['h -d;[ ? h'M;a'h
15 "The altar hearth shall be four cubits; and from the altar hearth shall extend upwards four horns.
h'l.[;m.l.W lyeair]a'hem.W tw{M;a [;B.r;a lea.r;h;h.w ? [;B.r;a tw{n'r.Q;h
16 "Now the altar hearth shall be twelve * cubits long by twelve * wide, square in its four sides.
her.f,[ ~yeT.viB .$,r{a her.f,[ ~yeT.v lyeair]a'h.w ? wy'['b.r t;[;B.r;a l,a ;[.Wb'r b;x{r
17 "The ledge shall be fourteen * cubits long by fourteen * wide in its four sides, the border around it shall be half a cubit and its base shall be a cubit round about; and its steps shall face the east."
her.f,[ [;B.r;a.B .$,r{a her.f,[ [;B.r;a h'r'z]['h.w ? byib's l.Wb.G;h.w 'hy,['b.r t;[;B.r;a l,a b;x{r ? byib's h'M;a H'l -qyex;h.w h'M;a'h yic]x H'tw{a ? ~yid'q tw{n.P .Whet{l][;m.W