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Ezekiel 45:1 - Interlinear Bible


The LORD'S Portion of the Land

1 "And when you divide by lot the land for inheritance, you shall offer an allotment to the LORD, a holy portion of the land; the length shall be the length of 25,000 * * cubits, and the width shall be 20,000 *. It shall be holy within all its boundary round about.
h'm.Wr.t .Wmyir'T h'l]x;n.B #,r'a'h -t,a ~,k.lyiP;h.b.W ? ~yir.f,[.w h'Vim]x .$,r{a #,r'a'h -nim v,d{q h'why;l ? a.Wh -v,d{q @,l'a h'r'f][ b;x{r.w .$,r{a @,l,a ? byib's H'l.Wb.G -l'k.b