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Ezra 5:3-5 - Interlinear Bible

3 At that time Tattenai, the governor of the province beyond the River, and Shethar-bozenai and their colleagues came to them and spoke to them thus, " Who issued you a decree to rebuild this temple and to finish this structure?"
h'r]h;n -r;b][ t;x;P y;n.T;T !w{hyel][ a't]a a'n.miz -HeB ? ~{h.l !yir.m'a !ek.w !w{h.t'w'n.k.W y;{B r;t.v.W ? a'n.r;VUa.w aen.Bil h'n.d a't.y;B ~e[.j ~{k.l ~'f -n;m ? h'l'l.k;v.l h'n.d
4 Then we told them accordingly what the names of the men were who were reconstructing this building.
t'h'm.v !.WNia -n;m ~{h.L a'n.r;m]a a'men.K !Iy;d/a ? !Iy;n'B a'n'y.nib h'n.d -yiD a'Y;r.bUG
5 But the eye of their God was on the elders of the Jews, and they did not stop them until a report could come to Darius, and then a written reply be returned concerning it.
.WliJ;b -a'l.w aey'd.Wh.y yeb'f -l;[ t'w]h ~{h]h'l/a !ye[.w ? !.Wbyit.y !Iy;d/a,w .$'h.y v,w'y.r'd.l a'm.[;j -d;[ w{Mih ? h'n.D -l;[ a'n'