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Isaiah 40:9 - Interlinear Bible

9 O Zion, that bringest good tidings , get thee up into the high mountain; O Jerusalem, that bringest good tidings , lift up thy voice with strength; lift it up , be not afraid ; say unto the cities of Judah, Behold your God!
yimyir'h !w{Yic t,r,F;b.m .$'l -yil][ ;h{b'G -r;h l;[ ? yia'ryiT -l;a yimyir'h ~i'l'v.Wr.y t,r,F;b.m .$elw{q ;x{K;b ? ~,kyeh{l/a heNih h'd.Wh.y yer'[.l yir.mia