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Jeremiah 49:28 - Interlinear Bible

28 Concerning Kedar, and concerning the kingdoms of Hazor, which Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon shall smite , thus saith the LORD; Arise ye, go up to Kedar, and spoil the men of the east.
rw{Ca,r.d;k.Wb.n h'Kih r,v]a rw{c'x tw{k.l.m;m.l.W r'deq.l ? r'deq -l,a .Wl][ .Wm.Wq h'wh.y r;m'a h{K l,b'B -.k,l,m ? ~,d,q -yen.B -t,a .Wd.d'v.w