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John 5 - Interlinear Bible

1 After this there was a feast of the Jews; and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.
Meta; {PREP} tau'ta {D-APN} h\n {V-IXI-3S} eJorth; {N-NSF} tw'n {T-GPM} #Ioudaivwn, {A-GPM} kai; {CONJ} ajnevbh {V-2AAI-3S} #Ihsou'? {N-NSM} eij? {PREP} JIerosovluma. {N-ASF}
2 Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches.
e~stin {V-PXI-3S} de; {CONJ} ejn {PREP} toi'? {T-DPN} JIerosoluvmoi? {N-DPN} ejpi; {PREP} th'/ {T-DSF} probatikh'/ {A-DSF} kolumbhvqra {N-NSF} hJ {T-NSF} ejpilegomevnh {V-PPP-NSF} JEbrai>sti; {ADV} Bhqzaqav, {N-PRI} pevnte {N-NUI} stoa;? {N-APF} e~cousa. {V-PAP-NSF}
3 In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk , of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of the water.
ejn {PREP} tauvtai? {D-DPF} katevkeito {V-INI-3S} plh'qo? {N-NSN} tw'n {T-GPM} ajsqenouvntwn, {V-PAP-GPM} tuflw'n, {A-GPM} cwlw'n, {A-GPM} xhrw'n. {N-GPF}
4 For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had .
h\n {V-IXI-3S} dev {CONJ} ti? {X-NSM} a~nqrwpo? {N-NSM} ejkei' {ADV} triavkonta {N-NUI} ?kai;? {CONJ} ojktw; {N-NUI} e~th {N-APN} e~cwn {V-PAP-NSM} ejn {PREP} th'/ {T-DSF} ajsqeneiva/ {N-DSF} aujtou': {P-GSM}
6 When Jesus saw him lie , and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole?
tou'ton {D-ASM} ijdw;n {V-2AAP-NSM} oJ {T-NSM} #Ihsou'? {N-NSM} katakeivmenon, {V-PNP-ASM} kai; {CONJ} gnou;? {V-2AAP-NSM} o&ti {CONJ} polu;n {A-ASM} h~dh {ADV} crovnon {N-ASM} e~cei, {V-PAI-3S} levgei {V-PAI-3S} aujtw'/, {P-DSM} Qevlei? {V-PAI-2S} uJgih;? {A-NSM} genevsqai; {V-2ADN}
7 The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled , to put me into the pool: but while * #ste I am coming , another steppeth down before me.
ajpekrivqh {V-ADI-3S} aujtw'/ {P-DSM} oJ {T-NSM} ajsqenw'n, {V-PAP-NSM} Kuvrie, {N-VSM} a~nqrwpon {N-ASM} oujk {PRT} e~cw {V-PAI-1S} i&na {CONJ} o&tan {CONJ} taracqh'/ {V-APS-3S} to; {T-NSN} u&dwr {N-NSN} bavlh/ {V-2AAS-3S} me {P-1AS} eij? {PREP} th;n {T-ASF} kolumbhvqran: {N-ASF} ejn {PREP} wJ'/ {R-DSM} de; {CONJ} e~rcomai {V-PNI-1S} ejgw; {P-1NS} a~llo? {A-NSM} pro; {PREP} ejmou' {P-1GS} katabaivnei. {V-PAI-3S}
8 Jesus saith unto him, Rise , take up thy bed, and walk .
levgei {V-PAI-3S} aujtw'/ {P-DSM} oJ {T-NSM} #Ihsou'?, {N-NSM} ~egeire {V-PAM-2S} a\ron {V-AAM-2S} to;n {T-ASM} kravbattovn {N-ASM} sou {P-2GS} kai; {CONJ} peripavtei. {V-PAM-2S}
kai; {CONJ} eujqevw? {ADV} ejgevneto {V-2ADI-3S} uJgih;? {A-NSM} oJ {T-NSM} a~nqrwpo?, {N-NSM} kai; {CONJ} h\ren {V-AAI-3S} to;n {T-ASM} kravbatton {N-ASM} aujtou' {P-GSM} kai; {CONJ} periepavtei. {V-IAI-3S} \hn {V-IXI-3S} de; {CONJ} savbbaton {N-NSN} ejn {PREP} ejkeivnh/ {D-DSF} th'/ {T-DSF} hJmevra/. {N-DSF}
10 The Jews therefore said unto him that was cured , It is the sabbath day: it is not lawful for thee to carry thy bed.
e~legon {V-IAI-3P} ou\n {CONJ} oiJ {T-NPM} #Ioudai'oi {A-NPM} tw'/ {T-DSM} teqerapeumevnw/, {V-RPP-DSM} Savbbatovn {N-NSN} ejstin, {V-PXI-3S} kai; {CONJ} oujk {PRT} e~xestivn soi {P-2DS} a\rai {V-AAN} to;n {T-ASM} kravbattovn {N-ASM} sou. {P-2GS}
11 He answered them, He that made me whole, the same said unto me, Take up thy bed, and walk .
oJ {T-NSM} de; {CONJ} ajpekrivqh {V-ADI-3S} aujtoi'?, {P-DPM} JO {T-NSM} poihvsa? {V-AAP-NSM} me {P-1AS} uJgih' {A-ASM} ejkei'nov? {D-NSM} moi {P-1DS} ei\pen, {V-2AAI-3S} \aron {V-AAM-2S} to;n {T-ASM} kravbattovn {N-ASM} sou {P-2GS} kai; {CONJ} peripavtei. {V-PAM-2S}
12 Then asked they him, What man is that which said unto thee, Take up thy bed, and walk ?
hjrwvthsan {V-AAI-3P} aujtovn, {P-ASM} Tiv? {I-NSM} ejstin {V-PXI-3S} oJ {T-NSM} a~nqrwpo? {N-NSM} oJ {T-NSM} eijpwvn {V-2AAP-NSM} soi, {P-2DS} \aron {V-AAM-2S} kai; {CONJ} peripavtei; {V-PAM-2S}
13 And he that was healed wist not who it was : for Jesus had conveyed himself away , a multitude being in that place.
oJ {T-NSM} de; {CONJ} ijaqei;? {V-APP-NSM} oujk {PRT} h~/dei {V-LAI-3S} tiv? {I-NSM} ejstin, {V-PXI-3S} oJ {T-NSM} ga;r {CONJ} #Ihsou'? {N-NSM} ejxevneusen o~clou {N-GSM} o~nto? {V-PXP-GSM} ejn {PREP} tw'/ {T-DSM} tovpw/. {N-DSM}
14 Afterward * #ste Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole: sin no more, lest a worse thing * #ste come unto thee.
meta; {PREP} tau'ta {D-APN} euJrivskei {V-PAI-3S} aujto;n {P-ASM} oJ {T-NSM} #Ihsou'? {N-NSM} ejn {PREP} tw'/ {T-DSN} iJerw'/ {N-DSN} kai; {CONJ} ei\pen {V-2AAI-3S} aujtw'/, {P-DSM} ~ide {V-AAM-2S} uJgih;? {A-NSM} gevgona?: {V-2RAI-2S} mhkevti {ADV} aJmavrtane, {V-PAM-2S} i&na {CONJ} mh; {PRT} cei'rovn {A-NSN} soiv {P-2DS} ti {X-NSN} gevnhtai. {V-2ADS-3S}
ajph'lqen {V-2AAI-3S} oJ {T-NSM} a~nqrwpo? {N-NSM} kai; {CONJ} ajnhvggeilen toi'? {T-DPM} #Ioudaivoi? {A-DPM} o&ti {CONJ} #Ihsou'? {N-NSM} ejstin {V-PXI-3S} oJ {T-NSM} poihvsa? {V-AAP-NSM} aujto;n {P-ASM} uJgih'. {A-ASM}
16 And therefore * #ste did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the sabbath day.
kai; {CONJ} dia; {PREP} tou'to {D-ASN} ejdivwkon {V-IAI-3P} oiJ {T-NPM} #Ioudai'oi {A-NPM} to;n {T-ASM} #Ihsou'n, {N-ASM} o&ti {CONJ} tau'ta {D-APN} ejpoivei {V-IAI-3S} ejn {PREP} sabbavtw/. {N-DSN}
oJ {T-NSM} de; {CONJ} ?*jihsou's? {N-NSM} ajpekrivnato {V-ADI-3S} aujtoi'?, {P-DPM} JO {T-NSM} pathvr {N-NSM} mou {P-1GS} e&w? {CONJ} a~rti {ADV} ejrgavzetai, {V-PNI-3S} kajgw; {P-1NS} ejrgavzomai. {V-PNI-1S}
dia; {PREP} tou'to {D-ASN} ou\n {CONJ} ma'llon {ADV} ejzhvtoun {V-IAI-3P} aujto;n {P-ASM} oiJ {T-NPM} #Ioudai'oi {A-NPM} ajpoktei'nai, {V-AAN} o&ti {CONJ} ouj {PRT} movnon {ADV} e~luen {V-IAI-3S} to; {T-ASN} savbbaton {N-ASN} ajlla; {CONJ} kai; {CONJ} patevra {N-ASM} i~dion {A-ASM} e~legen {V-IAI-3S} to;n {T-ASM} qeovn, {N-ASM} i~son {A-ASM} eJauto;n {F-3ASM} poiw'n {V-PAP-NSM} tw'/ {T-DSM} qew'/. {N-DSM}
jApekrivnato {V-ADI-3S} ou\n {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} #Ihsou'? {N-NSM} kai; {CONJ} e~legen {V-IAI-3S} aujtoi'?, {P-DPM} #Amh;n {HEB} ajmh;n {HEB} levgw {V-PAI-1S} uJmi'n, {P-2DP} ouj {PRT} duvnatai {V-PNI-3S} oJ {T-NSM} uiJo;? {N-NSM} poiei'n {V-PAN} ajfj {PREP} eJautou' {F-3GSM} oujde;n {A-ASN} eja;n {COND} mhv {PRT} ti {X-ASN} blevph/ {V-PAS-3S} to;n {T-ASM} patevra {N-ASM} poiou'nta: {V-PAP-ASM} aJ; {R-APN} ga;r {CONJ} a^n {PRT} ejkei'no? {D-NSM} poih'/, {V-PAS-3S} tau'ta {D-APN} kai; {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} uiJo;? {N-NSM} oJmoivw? {ADV} poiei'. {V-PAI-3S}
oJ {T-NSM} ga;r {CONJ} path;r {N-NSM} filei' {V-PAI-3S} to;n {T-ASM} uiJo;n {N-ASM} kai; {CONJ} pavnta {A-APN} deivknusin {V-PAI-3S} aujtw'/ {P-DSM} aJ; {R-APN} aujto;? {P-NSM} poiei', {V-PAI-3S} kai; {CONJ} meivzona {A-APN} touvtwn {D-GPN} deivxei aujtw'/ {P-DSM} e~rga, {N-APN} i&na {CONJ} uJmei'? {P-2NP} qaumavzhte. {V-PAS-2P}
21 For as the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them; even so the Son quickeneth whom he will .
w&sper {ADV} ga;r {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} path;r {N-NSM} ejgeivrei {V-PAI-3S} tou;? {T-APM} nekrou;? {A-APM} kai; {CONJ} zw/opoiei', {V-PAI-3S} ou&tw? {ADV} kai; {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} uiJo;? {N-NSM} ouJ;? {R-APM} qevlei {V-PAI-3S} zw/opoiei'. {V-PAI-3S}
oujde; {ADV} ga;r {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} path;r {N-NSM} krivnei {V-PAI-3S} oujdevna, {A-ASM} ajlla; {CONJ} th;n {T-ASF} krivsin {N-ASF} pa'san {A-ASF} devdwken {V-RAI-3S} tw'/ {T-DSM} uiJw'/, {N-DSM}
23 That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him.
i&na {CONJ} pavnte? {A-NPM} timw'si to;n {T-ASM} uiJo;n {N-ASM} kaqw;? {ADV} timw'si to;n {T-ASM} patevra. {N-ASM} oJ {T-NSM} mh; {PRT} timw'n {V-PAP-NSM} to;n {T-ASM} uiJo;n {N-ASM} ouj {PRT} tima'/ {V-PAI-3S} to;n {T-ASM} patevra {N-ASM} to;n {T-ASM} pevmyanta {V-AAP-ASM} aujtovn. {P-ASM}
jAmh;n {HEB} ajmh;n {HEB} levgw {V-PAI-1S} uJmi'n {P-2DP} o&ti {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} to;n {T-ASM} lovgon {N-ASM} mou {P-1GS} ajkouvwn {V-PAP-NSM} kai; {CONJ} pisteuvwn {V-PAP-NSM} tw'/ {T-DSM} pevmyantiv {V-AAP-DSM} me {P-1AS} e~cei {V-PAI-3S} zwh;n {N-ASF} aijwvnion, {A-ASF} kai; {CONJ} eij? {PREP} krivsin {N-ASF} oujk {PRT} e~rcetai {V-PNI-3S} ajlla; {CONJ} metabevbhken {V-RAI-3S} ejk {PREP} tou' {T-GSM} qanavtou {N-GSM} eij? {PREP} th;n {T-ASF} zwhvn. {N-ASF}
25 Verily, verily, I say unto you *, The hour is coming , and now is , when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live .
ajmh;n {HEB} ajmh;n {HEB} levgw {V-PAI-1S} uJmi'n {P-2DP} o&ti {CONJ} e~rcetai {V-PNI-3S} w&ra {N-NSF} kai; {CONJ} nu'n {ADV} ejstin {V-PXI-3S} o&te {ADV} oiJ {T-NPM} nekroi; {A-NPM} ajkouvsousin {V-FAI-3P} th'? {T-GSF} fwnh'? {N-GSF} tou' {T-GSM} uiJou' {N-GSM} tou' {T-GSM} qeou' {N-GSM} kai; {CONJ} oiJ {T-NPM} ajkouvsante? {V-AAP-NPM} zhvsousin. {V-FAI-3P}
w&sper {ADV} ga;r {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} path;r {N-NSM} e~cei {V-PAI-3S} zwh;n {N-ASF} ejn {PREP} eJautw'/, {F-3DSM} ou&tw? {ADV} kai; {CONJ} tw'/ {T-DSM} uiJw'/ {N-DSM} e~dwken {V-AAI-3S} zwh;n {N-ASF} e~cein {V-PAN} ejn {PREP} eJautw'/: {F-3DSM}
kai; {CONJ} ejxousivan e~dwken {V-AAI-3S} aujtw'/ {P-DSM} krivsin {N-ASF} poiei'n, {V-PAN} o&ti {CONJ} uiJo;? {N-NSM} ajnqrwvpou {N-GSM} ejstivn. {V-PXI-3S}
28 Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming , in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice,
mh; {PRT} qaumavzete {V-PAM-2P} tou'to, {D-ASN} o&ti {CONJ} e~rcetai {V-PNI-3S} w&ra {N-NSF} ejn {PREP} hJ'/ {R-DSF} pavnte? {A-NPM} oiJ {T-NPM} ejn {PREP} toi'? {T-DPN} mnhmeivoi? {N-DPN} ajkouvsousin {V-FAI-3P} th'? {T-GSF} fwnh'? {N-GSF} aujtou' {P-GSM}
29 And shall come forth ; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation.
kai; {CONJ} ejkporeuvsontai, {V-FDI-3P} oiJ {T-NPM} ta; {T-APN} ajgaqa; {A-APN} poihvsante? {V-AAP-NPM} eij? {PREP} ajnavstasin {N-ASF} zwh'?, {N-GSF} oiJ {T-NPM} de; {CONJ} ta; {T-APN} fau'la {A-APN} pravxante? eij? {PREP} ajnavstasin {N-ASF} krivsew?. {N-GSF}
30 I can of mine own self do nothing * : as I hear , I judge : and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.
Ouj {PRT} duvnamai {V-PNI-1S} ejgw; {P-1NS} poiei'n {V-PAN} ajpj {PREP} ejmautou' {F-1GSM} oujdevn: {A-ASN} kaqw;? {ADV} ajkouvw {V-PAI-1S} krivnw, {V-PAI-1S} kai; {CONJ} hJ {T-NSF} krivsi? {N-NSF} hJ {T-NSF} ejmh; {S-1NSF} dikaiva {A-NSF} ejstivn, {V-PXI-3S} o&ti {CONJ} ouj {PRT} zhtw' {V-PAI-1S} to; {T-ASN} qevlhma {N-ASN} to; {T-ASN} ejmo;n {S-1ASN} ajlla; {CONJ} to; {T-ASN} qevlhma {N-ASN} tou' {T-GSM} pevmyantov? {V-AAP-GSM} me. {P-1AS}
eja;n {COND} ejgw; {P-1NS} marturw' {V-PAS-1S} peri; {PREP} ejmautou', {F-1GSM} hJ {T-NSF} marturiva {N-NSF} mou {P-1GS} oujk {PRT} e~stin {V-PXI-3S} ajlhqhv?: {A-NSF}
32 There is another that beareth witness of me; and I know that the witness which he witnesseth of me is true.
a~llo? {A-NSM} ejsti;n {V-PXI-3S} oJ {T-NSM} marturw'n {V-PAP-NSM} peri; {PREP} ejmou', {P-1GS} kai; {CONJ} oi\da {V-RAI-1S} o&ti {CONJ} ajlhqhv? {A-NSF} ejstin {V-PXI-3S} hJ {T-NSF} marturiva {N-NSF} hJ;n {R-ASF} marturei' {V-PAI-3S} peri; {PREP} ejmou'. {P-1GS}
33 Ye sent unto John, and he bare witness unto the truth.
uJmei'? {P-2NP} ajpestavlkate {V-RAI-2P} pro;? {PREP} #Iwavnnhn, {N-ASM} kai; {CONJ} memartuvrhken {V-RAI-3S} th'/ {T-DSF} ajlhqeiva/: {N-DSF}
34 But I receive not testimony from man: but these things I say , that ye might be saved .
ejgw; {P-1NS} de; {CONJ} ouj {PRT} para; {PREP} ajnqrwvpou {N-GSM} th;n {T-ASF} marturivan {N-ASF} lambavnw, {V-PAI-1S} ajlla; {CONJ} tau'ta {D-APN} levgw {V-PAI-1S} i&na {CONJ} uJmei'? {P-2NP} swqh'te. {V-APS-2P}
ejkei'no? {D-NSM} h\n {V-IXI-3S} oJ {T-NSM} luvcno? {N-NSM} oJ {T-NSM} kaiovmeno? {V-PPP-NSM} kai; {CONJ} faivnwn, {V-PAP-NSM} uJmei'? {P-2NP} de; {CONJ} hjqelhvsate {V-AAI-2P} ajgalliaqh'nai {V-AON} pro;? {PREP} w&ran {N-ASF} ejn {PREP} tw'/ {T-DSN} fwti; {N-DSN} aujtou'. {P-GSM}
36 But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father hath given me to finish * , the same works that I do , bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me.
ejgw; {P-1NS} de; {CONJ} e~cw {V-PAI-1S} th;n {T-ASF} marturivan {N-ASF} meivzw {A-ASF} tou' {T-GSM} #Iwavnnou: {N-GSM} ta; {T-NPN} ga;r {CONJ} e~rga {N-NPN} aJ; {R-APN} devdwkevn {V-RAI-3S} moi {P-1DS} oJ {T-NSM} path;r {N-NSM} i&na {CONJ} teleiwvsw {V-AAS-1S} aujtav, {P-NPN} aujta; {P-NPN} ta; {T-NPN} e~rga {N-NPN} aJ; {R-APN} poiw', {V-PAI-1S} marturei' {V-PAI-3S} peri; {PREP} ejmou' {P-1GS} o&ti {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} pathvr {N-NSM} me {P-1AS} ajpevstalken: {V-RAI-3S}
37 And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape.
kai; {CONJ} oJ {T-NSM} pevmya? {V-AAP-NSM} me {P-1AS} path;r {N-NSM} ejkei'no? {D-NSM} memartuvrhken {V-RAI-3S} peri; {PREP} ejmou'. {P-1GS} ou~te {CONJ} fwnh;n {N-ASF} aujtou' {P-GSM} pwvpote {ADV} ajkhkovate {V-2RAI-2P-ATT} ou~te {CONJ} ei\do? {N-ASN} aujtou' {P-GSM} eJwravkate, {V-RAI-2P-ATT}
kai; {CONJ} to;n {T-ASM} lovgon {N-ASM} aujtou' {P-GSM} oujk {PRT} e~cete {V-PAI-2P} ejn {PREP} uJmi'n {P-2DP} mevnonta, {V-PAP-ASM} o&ti {CONJ} oJ;n {R-ASM} ajpevsteilen {V-AAI-3S} ejkei'no? {D-NSM} touvtw/ {D-DSM} uJmei'? {P-2NP} ouj {PRT} pisteuvete. {V-PAI-2P}
ejrauna'te {V-PAI-2P} {V-PAM-2P} ta;? {T-APF} grafav?, {N-APF} o&ti {CONJ} uJmei'? {P-2NP} dokei'te {V-PAI-2P} ejn {PREP} aujtai'? {P-DPF} zwh;n {N-ASF} aijwvnion {A-ASF} e~cein: {V-PAN} kai; {CONJ} ejkei'naiv {D-NPF} eijsin {V-PXI-3P} aiJ {T-NPF} marturou'sai {V-PAP-NPF} peri; {PREP} ejmou': {P-1GS}
40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.
kai; {CONJ} ouj {PRT} qevlete {V-PAI-2P} ejlqei'n {V-2AAN} prov? {PREP} me {P-1AS} i&na {CONJ} zwh;n {N-ASF} e~chte. {V-PAS-2P}
Dovxan para; {PREP} ajnqrwvpwn {N-GPM} ouj {PRT} lambavnw, {V-PAI-1S}
42 But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.
ajlla; {CONJ} e~gnwka {V-RAI-1S} uJma'? {P-2AP} o&ti {CONJ} th;n {T-ASF} ajgavphn {N-ASF} tou' {T-GSM} qeou' {N-GSM} oujk {PRT} e~cete {V-PAI-2P} ejn {PREP} eJautoi'?. {F-3DPM}
ejgw; {P-1NS} ejlhvluqa {V-2RAI-1S} ejn {PREP} tw'/ {T-DSN} ojnovmati {N-DSN} tou' {T-GSM} patrov? {N-GSM} mou {P-1GS} kai; {CONJ} ouj {PRT} lambavnetev {V-PAI-2P} me: {P-1AS} eja;n {COND} a~llo? {A-NSM} e~lqh/ {V-2AAS-3S} ejn {PREP} tw'/ {T-DSN} ojnovmati {N-DSN} tw'/ {T-DSN} ijdivw/, {A-DSN} ejkei'non {D-ASM} lhvmyesqe. {V-FDI-2P}
44 How can ye believe , which receive honour one of another *, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?
pw'? {ADV} duvnasqe {V-PNI-2P} uJmei'? {P-2NP} pisteu'sai, {V-AAN} dovxan para; {PREP} ajllhvlwn {C-GPM} lambavnonte? {V-PAP-NPM} kai; {CONJ} th;n {T-ASF} dovxan th;n {T-ASF} para; {PREP} tou' {T-GSM} movnou {A-GSM} qeou' {N-GSM} ouj {PRT} zhtei'te; {V-PAI-2P}
45 Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust .
mh; {PRT} dokei'te {V-PAM-2P} o&ti {CONJ} ejgw; {P-1NS} kathgorhvsw {V-FAI-1S} uJmw'n {P-2GP} pro;? {PREP} to;n {T-ASM} patevra: {N-ASM} e~stin {V-PXI-3S} oJ {T-NSM} kathgorw'n {V-PAP-NSM} uJmw'n {P-2GP} Mwu>sh'?, {N-NSM} eij? {PREP} oJ;n {R-ASM} uJmei'? {P-2NP} hjlpivkate. {V-RAI-2P}
46 For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed * me: for he wrote of me.
eij {COND} ga;r {CONJ} ejpisteuvete {V-IAI-2P} Mwu>sei', {N-DSM} ejpisteuvete {V-IAI-2P} a^n {PRT} ejmoiv, {P-1DS} peri; {PREP} ga;r {CONJ} ejmou' {P-1GS} ejkei'no? {D-NSM} e~grayen. {V-AAI-3S}
eij {COND} de; {CONJ} toi'? {T-DPN} ejkeivnou {D-GSM} gravmmasin {N-DPN} ouj {PRT} pisteuvete, {V-PAI-2P} pw'? {ADV} toi'? {T-DPN} ejmoi'? {S-1DPN} rJhvmasin {N-DPN} pisteuvsete; {V-FAI-2P}