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Mark 15:32 - Interlinear Bible

32 "Let this Christ, the King of Israel, now come down from the cross, so that we may see and believe!" Those who were crucified with Him were also insulting Him.
oJ {T-NSM} Xristo;? {N-NSM} oJ {T-NSM} basileu;? {N-NSM} #Israh;l {N-PRI} katabavtw {V-2AAM-3S} nu'n {ADV} ajpo; {PREP} tou' {T-GSM} staurou', {N-GSM} i&na {CONJ} i~dwmen {V-2AAS-1P} kai; {CONJ} pisteuvswmen. {V-AAS-1P} kai; {CONJ} oiJ {T-NPM} sunestaurwmevnoi {V-RPP-NPM} su;n {PREP} aujtw'/ {P-DSM} wjneivdizon {V-IAI-3P} aujtovn. {P-ASM}