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Matthew 18:16 - Interlinear Bible

16 "But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED.
eja;n {COND} de; {CONJ} mh; {PRT} ajkouvsh/, {V-AAS-3S} paravlabe {V-2AAM-2S} meta; {PREP} sou' {P-2GS} e~ti {ADV} e&na {N-ASM} h^ {PRT} duvo, {N-NUI} i&na {CONJ} ejpi; {PREP} stovmato? {N-GSN} duvo {N-NUI} martuvrwn {N-GPM} h^ {PRT} triw'n {N-GPM} staqh'/ {V-APS-3S} pa'n {A-NSN} rJh'ma: {N-NSN}