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Revelation 15:6 - Interlinear Bible

6 and the seven angels who had the seven plagues came out of the temple, clothed in linen, clean and bright, and girded around their chests with golden sashes.
kai; {CONJ} ejxh'lqon oiJ {T-NPM} eJpta; {N-NUI} a~ggeloi {N-NPM} ?oiJ? {T-NPM} e~conte? {V-PAP-NPM} ta;? {T-APF} eJpta; {N-NUI} plhga;? {N-APF} ejk {PREP} tou' {T-GSM} naou', {N-GSM} ejndedumevnoi {V-RMP-NPM} livnon {N-ASN} kaqaro;n {A-ASN} lampro;n {A-ASN} kai; {CONJ} periezwsmevnoi {V-RPP-NPM} peri; {PREP} ta; {T-APN} sthvqh {N-APN} zwvna? {N-APF} crusa'?. {A-APF}