Interlinear Bible 1 Chronicles 12:23-27

23 And these are the numbers of the bands that were ready armed to the war, and came to David to Hebron, to turn the kingdom of Saul to him, according to the word of the LORD.
dyiw'D -l;[ .Wa{b'y ~w{y.B ~w{y -t,[.l yiK ? ~yih{l/a hen]x;m.K lw{d'g h,n]x;m.l -d;[ w{r.z'[.l
24 The children of Judah that bare shield and spear were six thousand and eight hundred, ready armed to the war.
.Wa'B a'b'C;l #.Wl'x,h yeva'r yer.P.sim h,Lea.w ? l.Wa'v t.Wk.l;m bes'h.l ]h'nw{r.b,x dyiw'D -l;[ ? h'wh.y yip.K wy'lea
25 Of the children of Simeon, mighty men of valour for the war, seven thousand and one hundred.
~yip'l]a t,vev x;m{r'w h'Nic yea.f{n h'd.Wh.y yen.B ? a'b'c yec.Wl]x tw{aem h,nw{m.v.W
26 Of the children of Levi four thousand and six hundred.
t;[.biv a'b'C;l lIy;x yerw{BiG !w{[.miv yen.B -nim ? h'aem.W ~yip'l]a
27 And Jehoiada was the leader of the Aaronites, and with him were three thousand and seven hundred;
tw{aem vev.w ~yip'l]a t;[;B.r;a yiweL;h yen.B -nim