Interlinear Bible Deuteronomy 23:7-8

7 Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite; for he is thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land.
be[;t.t -a{l a.Wh '$yix'a yiK yim{d]a#st0130 be[;t.t -a{l ? w{c.r;a.b 'tyIy'h reg#st01616 -yiK yir.cim
8 The children that are begotten of them shall enter into the congregation of the LORD in their third generation.
a{b'y yivyil.v rw{D ~,h'l .Wd.l\WIy -r,v]a ~yin'B ? h'wh.y#st03068 l;h.qiB ~,h'l