Interlinear Bible Deuteronomy 3:21

21 And I commanded Joshua at that time, saying , Thine eyes have seen all that the LORD your God hath done unto these two kings: so shall the LORD do unto all the kingdoms whither thou passest .
r{mael awih;h te['B yitye.Wic ;[.Wvw{h.y#st03091 -t,a.w ? h'wh.y#st03068 h'f'[ r,v]a -l'K tea t{a{r'h '$y,nye[ ? h,f][;y -neK h,Lea'h ~yik'l.M;h yen.vil ~,kyeh{l/a ? h'M'v reb{[ h'T;a r,v]a tw{k'l.m;M;h -l'k.l h'wh.y