Interlinear Bible Exodus 22:1-6

1 "If a man steals an ox or a sheep and slaughters it or sells it, he shall pay five oxen for the ox and four sheep for the sheep.
w{a w{x'b.j.W h,f -w{a rw{v#st07794 vyia -b{n.gIy yiK ? !a{c -[;B.r;a.w rw{V;h#st07794 t;x;T ~eL;v.y r'q'b#st01241 h'Vim]x w{r'k.m ? h,F;h t;x;T
2 "If the thief is caught while breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there will be no bloodguiltiness on his account.
!yea tem'w h'KUh.w b'N;G;h#st01590 aec'MIy t,r,T.x;M;B -mia ? ~yim'D w{l
3 "But if the sun has risen on him, there will be bloodguiltiness on his account. He shall surely make restitution; if he owns nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft.
~eL;v w{l ~yim'D wy'l'[ v,m,V;h#st08121 h'x.r'z -mia ? w{t'ben.giB#st01591 r;K.min.w w{l !yea -mia ~eL;v.y
4 "If what he stole is actually found alive in his possession, whether an ox or a donkey or a sheep, he shall pay double.
rw{m]x -d;[ rw{Vim#st07794 h'ben.G;h w{d'y.b#st03027 aec'Mit aec'Mih -mia ? ~eL;v.y ~Iy;n.v#st08147 ~yiY;x#st02416 h,f -d;[
5 "If a man lets a field or vineyard be grazed bare and lets his animal loose so that it grazes in another man's field, he shall make restitution from the best of his own field and the best of his own vineyard.
h'ryi[.B#st01165 -t,a x;Liv.w ~,r,k -w{a h,d'f#st07704 vyia#st0376 -r,[.b;y yiK ? w{m.r;K b;jyem.W#st04315 .Whed'f#st07704 b;jyem#st04315 rex;a#st0312 hed.fiB re[ib.W ? ~eL;v.y
6 "If a fire breaks out and spreads to thorn bushes, so that stacked grain or the standing grain or the field itself is consumed, he who started the fire shall surely make restitution.
vyid'G#st01430 l;k/a,n.w ~yic{q h'a.c'm.W vea#st0784 aecet -yiK ? ri[.b;M;h ~eL;v.y ~eL;v h,d'F;h w{a h'm'Q;h w{a ? h're[.B;h -t,a