Interlinear Bible Jeremiah 40:10

10 "Now as for me, behold, I am going to stay at Mizpah to stand for you before the Chaldeans who come to us; but as for you, gather in wine and summer fruit and oil and put them in your storage vessels, and live in your cities that you have taken over."
yen.pil d{m][;l#st06440 h'P.ciM;B bev{y#st04709 yin.nih yin]a;w ? !Iy;y .Wp.sia ~,T;a.w .Wnyelea .Wa{b'y r,v]a ~yiD.f;K;h ? ~,T.f;p.T -r,v]a ~,kyer'[.B .Wb.v.W ~,kyel.kiB .Wmif.w#st03627 !,m,v.w #Iy;q.w