Interlinear Bible Romans 7:19-21

19 For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want.
ouj PRT ga;r CONJ oJ; R-ASN qevlw V-PAI-1S poiw' V-PAI-1S ajgaqovn, A-ASN ajlla; CONJ oJ; R-ASN ouj PRT qevlw V-PAI-1S kako;n A-ASN tou'to D-ASN pravssw. V-PAI-1S
20 But if I am doing the very thing I do not want, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me.
eij COND de; CONJ oJ; R-ASN ouj PRT qevlw V-PAI-1S ?ejgw;? P-1NS tou'to D-ASN poiw', V-PAI-1S oujkevti ADV ejgw; P-1NS katergavzomai V-PNI-1S aujto; P-ASN ajlla; CONJ hJ T-NSF oijkou'sa V-PAP-NSF ejn PREP ejmoi; P-1DS aJmartiva. N-NSF
21 I find then the principle that evil is present in me, the one who wants to do good.
EuJrivskw V-PAI-1S a~ra PRT to;n T-ASM novmon N-ASM tw'/ T-DSM qevlonti V-PAP-DSM ejmoi; P-1DS poiei'n V-PAN to; T-NSN kalo;n A-ASN o&ti CONJ ejmoi; P-1DS to; T-NSN kako;n A-NSN paravkeitai: V-PNI-3S