Isaiah 8:9-12 NIV

9 Raise the war cry,a1 you nations, and be shattered!2 Listen, all you distant lands. Prepare3 for battle, and be shattered! Prepare for battle, and be shattered!

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10 Devise your strategy, but it will be thwarted;4 propose your plan, but it will not stand,5 for God is with us.b6

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    • e 8:10 - Hebrew "Immanuel"

      Fear God

      11 The LORD spoke to me with his strong hand upon me,7 warning me not to follow8 the way of this people. He said:

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      12 "Do not call conspiracy9 everything that these people call conspiracyc; do not fear what they fear,10 and do not dread it.11

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        • f 8:12 - Or "Do not call for a treaty / every time these people call for a treaty"