Jeremiah 52:19-29 NIV

19 The commander of the imperial guard took away the basins, censers,1 sprinkling bowls, pots, lampstands,2 dishes3 and bowls used for drink offerings4--all that were made of pure gold or silver.5

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20 The bronze from the two pillars, the Sea and the twelve bronze bulls6 under it, and the movable stands, which King Solomon had made for the temple of the LORD, was more than could be weighed.7

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21 Each of the pillars was eighteen cubits high and twelve cubits in circumferencea; each was four fingers thick, and hollow.8

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    • e 52:21 - That is, about 27 feet (about 8.1 meters) high and 18 feet (about 5.4 meters) in circumference
      22 The bronze capital9 on top of the one pillar was five cubitsb high and was decorated with a network and pomegranates10 of bronze all around. The other pillar, with its pomegranates, was similar.

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        • f 52:22 - That is, about 7 1/2 feet (about 2.3 meters)
          23 There were ninety-six pomegranates on the sides; the total number of pomegranates11 above the surrounding network was a hundred.12

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          24 The commander of the guard took as prisoners Seraiah13 the chief priest, Zephaniah14 the priest next in rank and the three doorkeepers.15

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          25 Of those still in the city, he took the officer in charge of the fighting men, and seven royal advisers. He also took the secretary16 who was chief officer in charge of conscripting the people of the land and sixty of his men who were found in the city.

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          26 Nebuzaradan17 the commander took them all and brought them to the king of Babylon at Riblah.

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              27 There at Riblah,18 in the land of Hamath, the king had them executed. So Judah went into captivity, away19 from her land.

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              28 This is the number of the people Nebuchadnezzar carried into exile:20 in the seventh year, 3,023 Jews;

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              29 in Nebuchadnezzar's eighteenth year, 832 people from Jerusalem;