Job 17:4-14 NIV

4 You have closed their minds to understanding;1 therefore you will not let them triumph.

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5 If a man denounces his friends for reward,2 the eyes of his children will fail.3

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6 "God has made me a byword4 to everyone,5 a man in whose face people spit.6

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      7 My eyes have grown dim with grief;7 my whole frame is but a shadow.8

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      8 Upright men are appalled at this; the innocent are aroused9 against the ungodly.

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      9 Nevertheless, the righteous10 will hold to their ways, and those with clean hands11 will grow stronger.12

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      10 "But come on, all of you, try again! I will not find a wise man among you.13

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      11 My days have passed,14 my plans are shattered, and so are the desires of my heart.15

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      12 These men turn night into day;16 in the face of darkness they say, 'Light is near.'17

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      13 If the only home I hope for is the grave,a18 if I spread out my bed19 in darkness,20

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      14 if I say to corruption,21 'You are my father,' and to the worm,22 'My mother' or 'My sister,'

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