John 5:25-35 NIV

25 I tell you the truth, a time is coming and has now come1 when the dead will hear2 the voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live.

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26 For as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son to have life3 in himself.

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27 And he has given him authority to judge4 because he is the Son of Man.

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      28 "Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming5 when all who are in their graves will hear his voice

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      29 and come out--those who have done good will rise to live, and those who have done evil will rise to be condemned.6

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      30 By myself I can do nothing;7 I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just,8 for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.9

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      Testimonies About Jesus

      31 "If I testify about myself, my testimony is not valid.10

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      32 There is another who testifies in my favor,11 and I know that his testimony about me is valid.

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      33 "You have sent to John and he has testified12 to the truth.

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      34 Not that I accept human testimony;13 but I mention it that you may be saved.14

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      35 John was a lamp that burned and gave light,15 and you chose for a time to enjoy his light.

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