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Joshua 15:40-50 (New International Version)

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40 Cabbon, Lahmas, Kitlish, 41 Gederoth,1 Beth Dagon,2 Naamah and Makkedah3--sixteen towns and their villages. 42 Libnah,4 Ether, Ashan,5 43 Iphtah, Ashnah,6 Nezib, 44 Keilah,7 Aczib8 and Mareshah9--nine towns and their villages. 45 Ekron,10 with its surrounding settlements and villages; 46 west of Ekron, all that were in the vicinity of Ashdod,11 together with their villages; 47 Ashdod,12 its surrounding settlements and villages; and Gaza, its settlements and villages, as far as the Wadi of Egypt13 and the coastline of the Great Sea.14 48 In the hill country: Shamir,15 Jattir,16 Socoh,17 49 Dannah, Kiriath Sannah (that is, Debir18), 50 Anab,19 Eshtemoh,20 Anim,
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