Judges 20:40-46 NIV

40 But when the column of smoke began to rise from the city, the Benjamites turned and saw the smoke of the whole city going up into the sky.1

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41 Then the men of Israel turned on them,2 and the men of Benjamin were terrified, because they realized that disaster had come3 upon them.

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42 So they fled before the Israelites in the direction of the desert, but they could not escape the battle. And the men of Israel who came out of the towns cut them down there.
43 They surrounded the Benjamites, chased them and easilya overran them in the vicinity of Gibeah on the east.

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    • f 20:43 - The meaning of the Hebrew for this word is uncertain.
      44 Eighteen thousand Benjamites fell, all of them valiant fighters.4

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      45 As they turned and fled toward the desert to the rock of Rimmon,5 the Israelites cut down five thousand men along the roads. They kept pressing after the Benjamites as far as Gidom and struck down two thousand more.

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      46 On that day twenty-five thousand Benjamite6 swordsmen fell, all of them valiant fighters.

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