Ezekiel 19 LEB

Lament for the Leaders of Israel

1 "And you, raise a lament abouta the leaders of Israel,

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    • ̃ 19:1 - Or "over"
      2 and you must say, 'What a lioness [was] your mother among [the] lions. She lay down in the midst of young lions, [and] she reared her lion cubs.
      3 And she raised up one from her cubs; he became a fierce lion, and he learned to tear prey; he ateb humans.c

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        • ̄ 19:3 - Or "devoured"
        • ̅ 19:3 - Hebrew "human"
          4 And nations heard about him; in their pit he was caught, and they brought him with hooks to the land of Egypt.
          5 And she sawd that she was waiting [in vain]; her hope was destroyed, and she took one from her cubs, [and] she made him a fierce lion.

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            • ̆ 19:5 - Or "realized"
              6 And he walked about in the midst of lions; he became a fierce lion, and he learned to tear prey; he atee humans.f

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                • ̇ 19:6 - Or "devoured"
                • ̈ 19:6 - Hebrew "human"
                  7 And he knew their widows,g and he devastated their cities, and [the] land was appalled, and {everyone in it}h at the sound of his roar.

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                    • ̉ 19:7 - Or "ravished/raped"; or "he ravaged their strongholds"
                    • ̊ 19:7 - Literally "its fullness"
                      8 And nations set out against him {from the surrounding provinces},i and they spread their net over him, and he was caught in their pit.

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                        • ̋ 19:8 - Literally "all around from [the] provinces"
                          9 And they put him in a collar with hooks, and they brought him to the king of Babylon; they brought him intoj a prison, so that his voice [would] not be heard {any longer}k on the mountains of Israel.

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                            • ̌ 19:9 - Hebrew "in"
                            • ̍ 19:9 - Literally "longer"
                              10 Your mother [was] like the vine in your vineyard;l planted {fruitfully}m beside water, and it was full of branches from many waters.n

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                                • ̎ 19:10 - Or "in the vineyard"
                                • ̏ 19:10 - Literally "fruitful"
                                • ̐ 19:10 - Or "from waters abundant/many"
                                  11 And {she produced branches of strength}o top scepters of rulers; its height became tall betweenq thick foliage, and it was seenr because of its tallness among the abundance of its branches.

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                                    • ̑ 19:11 - Literally "they became to her branches/rods of strength"
                                    • ̒ 19:11 - Or "for"
                                    • ̓ 19:11 - Or "among"
                                    • ̔ 19:11 - Or "visible"
                                      12 But it was uprooted in rage; it was thrown to the earth, and the east wind dried up its fruit; they were stripped off, and its strong branch dried up; fire consumed it.
                                      13 And now [it is] planted in the desert, in a {dry and thirsty land}.s

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                                        • ̕ 19:13 - Literally "a land of dryness and thirst"
                                          14 And [so] fire has gone out from the stem of its branches; its fruit it has consumed, and [there] was not in it {a strong branch},t a scepter for ruling.'" This [is] a lament, and {it will be used as a lament}.

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                                            • ̖ 19:14 - Literally "a branch of strength"