Ezekiel 6:1-6 LEB

Idolatrous Worship and Idolatrous Objects Denounced

1 And the word of Yahweh {came}a to me, saying,

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    • č 6:1 - Literally "was"
      2 "Son of man,b set your face to the mountains of Israel and prophesy against them,

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        • Ď 6:2 - Or "mortal," or "son of humankind"
          3 and you must say, 'Mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord Yahweh, thus says the Lord Yahweh to the mountains and to the hills, to the ravines and to the valleys: "Look, I [am] bringing upon you [the] sword, and I will destroy your high places,
          4 and your altars will be desolate, and your incense altars will be broken, and I will throw down your slain ones {before}c your idols,

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            • ď 6:4 - Literally "to the face of"
              5 and I will placed the corpses of the children of Israel {before}e their idols, and I will scatter your bones around your altars.

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                • Đ 6:5 - Or "give"
                • đ 6:5 - Literally "to the face of"
                  6 In all of your dwellings, the cities will be desolate and the high places will be ruined, so that your altars will be desolate and will suffer punishment. Your idols will be broken and will come to an end, and your incense altars will be cut down, and your works will be destroyed,