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Hebrews 3:3 LEB

3 For this one is considered worthy of greater glory than Moses, inasmuch as the one who builds it has greater honor than the house.

Study tools for Hebrews 3:3

  • a 3:2 - Some manuscripts have "in all his household"
  • b 3:6 - *The words "[was faithful]" are not in the Greek text, but are an understood repetition from the previous verse and v. 2
  • c 3:6 - Some manuscripts have "if indeed"
  • d 3:11 - Literally "if they will enter"
  • e 3:11 - A quotation from Ps 95:7b-11
  • f 3:12 - *Here "[with the result that]" is supplied as a component of the infinitive ("fall away") which is understood as result
  • g 3:13 - Literally "by each day"
  • h 3:13 - Literally "not anyone of you be hardened"
  • i 3:15 - Literally "in the saying"
  • j 3:16 - *Here "[when]" is supplied as a component of the participle ("heard") which is understood as temporal