Isaiah 10:20-34 LEB

The Return of the Remnant

20 And this shall happen: on that day, the remnant of Israel and the survivorsa of the house of Jacob will not continue to lean on [the] one who struck it but will lean on Yahweh, the holy one of Israel, in truth.

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    • é 10:20 - Hebrew "survivor"
      21 A remnant will return-- the remnant of Jacob--to [the] mighty God.
      22 For though your people Israel was like the sand of the sea, [only] a remnant of it will return. Annihilation [is] determined, overflowing [with] righteousness.
      23 For the Lord Yahweh of hosts [is] about to make a complete destruction and a determined end in the midst of all the earth.
      24 Therefore thus says the Lord Yahweh of hosts: "My people who live [in] Zion, you must not be afraid of Assyria. It beats you with the rod, and it lifts up its staff against you {as the Egyptians did}.
      25 [My] indignation will come to an end {in just a very little while},b and my anger [will be] directed to their destruction."

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        • ê 10:25 - Literally "for still a little a trifle"
          26 And Yahweh of hosts is going to swing a whip against him, as when Midian was defeated at the rock of Oreb; and his staff [will be] over the sea, and he will lift him up {as he did in Egypt}.c

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            • ë 10:26 - Literally "in the way of Egypt"
              27 And this shall happen: on that day, he will remove his burden from your shoulder and his yoke from your neck, {and a yoke will be destroyed because of fat}.
              28 He has come to Aiath, he has passed through Migron; at Micmash he deposited his baggage.
              29 They crossed over [the] pass; Geba [is] a place of overnight lodging for us. Ramah trembles; Gibeah of Saul has fled.
              30 Daughter of Gallim, cry out [with] your voice; Laishah, listen! {Anathoth is poor}.d

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                • ì 10:30 - Or with different vocalization, "Answer her, Anathoth!" which fits the parallelism better
                  31 Madmenah flees! The inhabitants of Gebim bring themselves into safety!
                  32 {This day}e {taking a stand}f at Nob, he will shake his fist [at] the mountain of the daughterg of Zion, [at] the hill of Jerusalem.

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                    • í 10:32 - Literally "Yet today"
                    • î 10:32 - Literally "to stand"
                    • ï 10:32 - Following the reading tradition (Qere); the consonantal text has "house"
                      33 Look! The Lord Yahweh of hosts is about to lop off [the] branchesh with great power, and {the towering trees}i will be felled, and the {tall trees}j will be brought low.

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                        • ð 10:33 - Hebrew "branch"
                        • ñ 10:33 - Literally "the haughty of the height"
                        • ò 10:33 - Literally "height"
                          34 And he will cut down the thickets of the forest with the axe, and Lebanon will fall by [the] mighty [one].