Isaiah 41:1-6 LEB

God Helps Israel

1 Listen to me in silence, coastlands, and let nations renew [their] strength. Let them approach, then let them speak; let us draw near together for judgment.

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      2 Who has roused salvation from the east, summoneda him to his foot, gives nations {in his presence},b and subjugates kings? He makesc [them] like the dust [with] his sword, like scattered stubble [with] his bow.

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        • ʖ 41:2 - Or "called"
        • ʗ 41:2 - Literally "before his face"
        • ʘ 41:2 - Or "gives"
          3 He pursues them [and] passes on [in] peace; he does not enter [the] path with his feet.
          4 Who has accomplished and done [this], calling the generations from [the] {beginning}?d I, Yahweh, [am] first; and I [am] the one with [the] last.

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            • ʙ 41:4 - Literally "head"
              5 [The] coastlands have seen and are afraid; the ends of the earth tremble. They have drawn near, and they have come.
              6 Each one helpse his neighbor; he says to his brother, "Take courage!"

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                • ʚ 41:6 - Hebrew "help"