Isaiah 57:1-13 LEB

Idolatry is Adultery

1 The righteous [one] perishes, and there is no one who takesa [it] to heart. And men of faithfulness [are] gathered, while there is no one who understands, for the righteous is gathered from the presence of wickedness.

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    • Ϣ 57:1 - Or "sets"
      2 he enters [into] peace; they will rest on their beds, walking straight ahead of him.
      3 "Butb you, come near here, you children of a soothsayer, offspring [of] an adulterer and she [who] commits fornication.

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        • ϣ 57:3 - Or "And"
          4 At whom do you make fun? At whom do you {open}c [your] mouth [and] {stick out}d [your] tongue? [Are] you not children of transgression, offspring of deception,

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            • Ϥ 57:4 - Literally "widen"
            • ϥ 57:4 - Literally "make long"
              5 who burn with lust among the oaks, under every leafy tree, who slaughter children in the valleys, under the clefts of the rocks?
              6 Your portion [is] among [the] smooth [stones] of [the] valley; they, they [are] your lot; indeed, to them you have poured out a drink offering, you have brought a food offering. Shall I relent concerning these [things]?
              7 You have set your bed upon a high and lofty mountain; indeed, you went up there to slaughter sacrifice.
              8 And you have set your symbol behind the door and the doorpost; for you departe from me, and you go up; you make your bed wide, and you {make a deal with}f them, you have loved their bed; you have seen [their] {genitals}.g

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                • Ϧ 57:8 - The reading tradition (Qere) has "uncover," which makes no sense in context, but with different vowels it would be "depart"
                • ϧ 57:8 - Literally "cut off for yourself from"
                • Ϩ 57:8 - Literally "hand"
                  9 And you climbed down to the king with oil, and you made your perfumes numerous, and you sent your envoys {far away},h and you {sent down deep}i to Sheol.

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                    • ϩ 57:9 - Literally "to from far"
                    • Ϫ 57:9 - Literally "humiliated"
                      10 You grow weary by the greatness of your way, [but] you did not say, 'Despairing!' You found the {renewal}j of your {strength},k therefore you do not grow weak.

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                        • ϫ 57:10 - Literally "life"
                        • Ϭ 57:10 - Literally "hand;" compare the "hand" in verse 8
                          11 And of whom were you afraid and feared, that you deceived and did not remember me? Did you not place [it] on your heart? [Have] I not been silent, even from long ago, and [so] you do not fear me?
                          12 I myself will declare your righteousness and your works, butl they will not benefit you.

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                              13 When {you cry},m let your collection deliver you, and [the] wind will carry all of them away; a breath will take [them] away. Butn he who takes refuge in me shall take possession [of] [the] land, and he shall inherit my {holy mountain}."o

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                                • Ϯ 57:13 - Literally "your crying"
                                • ϯ 57:13 - Or "And"
                                • ϰ 57:13 - Literally "mountain of holiness "