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James 3:17 LEB

17 But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceful, gentle, obedient, full of mercy and good fruits, nonjudgmental, without hypocrisy,

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  • a 3:1 - *Here "[because]" is supplied as a component of the participle ("know") which is understood as causal
  • b 3:1 - Or "greater condemnation"
  • c 3:2 - Literally "man," but clearly in a generic sense here meaning "someone, a person"
  • d 3:5 - *The words "of the body" are not in the Greek text but are supplied for clarity
  • e 3:6 - Or "a fire, the world of unrighteousness! The tongue is set among our members"
  • f 3:6 - Literally "the wheel of origin"
  • g 3:9 - *Or possibly "our," if the Greek article is understood as a possessive pronoun
  • h 3:11 - *The negative construction in Greek anticipates a negative answer here
  • i 3:13 - *Literally "the"; the Greek article is used here as a possessive pronoun
  • j 3:18 - Or "for"; or possibly "by"